Your Questions About Copd Stages

Mary asks…

Has anyone had someone close to them suffer from end-stage COPD?

Mark answers:

My dad has COPD now. End stage. He can’t go 5 feet on oxygen without becoming severly short of breath. His roxanol is readily available for every 10 ft trip to the bathroom. He chained smoked for I think 40 yrs or so. He and my mom quit 7 or 8 yrs ago when he was first diagnosed. I always felt guilty as a kid when I tried to ask him to quit and always feared him dying from this as a kid. I know now that he had to be ready to quit. Nothing I could have done would have made him quit back then. Now I have patient’s who are on oxygen 24/7 with COPD and they tell me that they haven’t smoked in years but as a home health care nurse, I go to their homes. As an ex smoker myself, I can walk into a home and smell it right away. They know I am coming ahead of time and hide the cigarettes and empty the ashtrays. I know they are lying but who am I to accuse or lecture. I just educate them the best I can and wish them the best.

Joseph asks…

How long does a person live that is diagnosed with COPD?

I realize there is no specific number or months or years but I am trying to find out the average amount of time one lives from the time they are diagnosed with stage one until death at stage 4.

Mark answers:

While it is impossible to accurately predict your life expectancy, a recent study in 2009 suggested that in active male smokers over 65, reduction in life expectancy in GOLD stage 1, 2, 3-4 were 0.3 yrs, 2.2 yrs, and 5.8 yrs. This was in addition to an estimated 3.5 yrs lost due to smoking. In former smokers, the reduction for stage 2 and 3-4 were 1.4 yrs and 5.6 yrs.

David asks…

what stage is a person with copd in when they are using their inhalers quite frequent on a daily basis?

Mark answers:

The stage that the COPD is not under control. I have had this with my asthma. I started only using my inhaler once a twice a month maximum. Then the asthma got worse. I had to use my inhaler every 4 hours (could not even wait 5 hours) or I would have major problems. This happened for about 2 weeks before I started another medication (surprisingly only an allergy pill, but it WORKED!). Then my asthma problems went away. You should talk to your doctor and have them help you get your COPD under control.

Mark asks…

male 86 yrs old in stage 5 of emphazima/copd How long do I have?

Mark answers:

I really dont know but i wish you all the best and dont be afraid i know easy said but you are going to a place that you will suffer no more and i wish you love and peace ( blessed be.)

Nancy asks…

my husbsand is stage 3 of COPD does it take long to reach stage 4 how fast does it progress?

he is on steriod tablets 6 per day plus inhalers his breathing is down to 42%

Mark answers:

It’s not something we can give a real time line on. Assuming he no longer smokes and is not exposed to it, takes his meds, and is compliant with his treatments, he could do OK for a while longer.

Has there been any talk of lung transplant?

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