Your Questions About Breathing Problems During Pregnancy

Donna asks…

What are some problems that a full term newborn baby can go through…please help?

I am confused…The baby is 2 days old and having lots of trouble breathing what can be going is a friends baby but i am trying to help the baby was full term and no problems were seen during pregnancy anyone know what can go wrong with a full term newborn would the baby die? anyone help please
the baby is still in the hospital she is only 2 days old, hasnt even come home yet she is in the nicu is that common in full term babies what can be wrong

Mark answers:

Babies can pick up bacteria during the birth process that can lead to illness. Also, if the baby swallowed any meconium before birth, then there’s the possibility of pneumonia. I knew a woman that gave birth to a full-term baby that had problems with meconium aspiration and then also e-coli. He was very sick for a couple of weeks, but thankfully everything turned out ok. I’m sure your friend is terrified…..but her baby is in the best place possible being monitored at all times. It’s a hard thing to deal with when you expected to have a healthy baby with no complications. With one of my sons, he was kept in special care because of some problems with low body temperature. He had to stay 8 days I think. I was terrified and leaving the hospital without baby was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Be there to support your friend. She will need you. I’m sure everything will work out.

Ken asks…

Is low blood pressure dangerous during pregnancy or labour?

I’ve always had really low blood pressure. Sometimes it just drops so low I pass out but every specialist or doctor I’ve ever said doesn’t think it’s a good idea to treat it at such a young age. Usually it isn’t a huge problem; it doesn’t affect me all the time & it’s actually went up since I got pregnant.

But lately I feel like I get light headed from things like standing up too fast a lot easier than before & I read in a medical article that a drop in blood pressure could cause the baby to stop breathing during labour. My blood pressure is lower than average to begin with (108 last time it was checked, & that was supposed to be at its highest point of the day) so I’m sort of worried…

I’m 17 years old by the way.

Mark answers:

Well My blood pressure has always been low , usually around 100/54 .. But I am in my last week of pregnancy .. And it has sky rocketed , well for me it has .. I was checked last tuesday and its 130/82 highest its ever been for me ..

And as for giving birth with low blood pressure , i didn’t have problem with it during the birth of my first son ..

And just so you know pain makes you blood pressure higher .. So when you are in labor , it will be higher .. Good luck hope i helped

I’m 21 y/o if that helps at all too

Sharon asks…

Would vicodin use during the first half of pregnancy show abnormalities at 20 week ultrasound?

Due to hip problems my doctor had put me on Vicodin 5/500 throughout the first half of my pregnancy. It was taken as prescribed, usually considerably less. I am at 23 weeks and recently had an ultrasound showing everything to be perfect. Right on track for weight size, etc. My question is: would complications due to vicodin use during the first half of pregnancy be evident on an ultrasound? I am aware of the late term consequences of vicodin use with breathing problems, etc. but was not sure what if anything would be evident on an ultrasound earlier on. Thank you.

Mark answers:

Narcotics are not known to cause birth defects. The risk from narcotics (esp. In excess) is that baby may be born dependent on the drug, and need to go through withdrawal.

John asks…

Claustrophobic during pregnancy? Hard to breathe?

I’m almost 6 months pregnant, i’m 26 weeks along. I started out at 115 when I got pregnant, 4’11, and i’ve gained 17 pounds so far, and I now weigh 132. I don’t have a problem with the weight gain at all, they told me i’m at perfect weight gain. I should weigh inbetween 130 and 137 right now, so i’m very pleased with myself as a matter of fact, because it was really hard for me to gain weight.

But, my stomache looks pretty big, because I was pretty small before, and I used to be very nimble, stretchy, active. I could do back bends, back flips, jump real high, and climb onto counters, crawl into really tight spaces…etc.

And now that i’m so far along, I can’t do any of that. My dad has a baby gate that he puts up to keep the dogs out of our living room, and it’s even getting hard for me to step over the damn thing because I can’t raise my legs high enough.

And it’s gotten to the point that I feel so big that I can’t walk down the aisles in the supermarket because I get so claustrophobic! I feel like i’m going to scrape the sides of the shelves, knowing full well that i’m not even THAT big, i’m just pregnant! And it’s scarying me because i’ll start getting into heavy pants, and my heart will start beating really fast, and taking deep breathes doesn’t help. The only thing i’ve found that helps is getting a massage, and taking a ton of really short breathes.

I mean, it gets so bad that I feel I can’t even lay under the covers of my bed because it’s too cramped! I feel my belly is seriously going to explode any day now, but i’m well aware I have like 14 weeks left, and i’ll only get bigger.

I’m due on Christmas day, and i’m so happy, but I really wish it were sooner, that way I could start losing weight, and feel my energy again. I don’t know why I keep freaking out, i’ve never been this way before. I think it’s because i’m so used to being to move in any way I wanted, and know I can’t hardly bend down, or pull my legs to my chest.

Anyone have any ideas on how to cope with this Claustrophobia so that I can actually enjoy the weeks I have left with my pregnancy? I just feel so weighted down, like a ton of rocks, it’s just uncomfortable!

Mark answers:

Hi there,

I felt claustrophobic until my baby dropped at about 33 weeks! I didn’t even like people getting close to me including my partner in bed – lol I made him sleep as far away as possible! I hated anything that made me feel even more restricted than I already did! As my lungs were squashed I felt like I was having anxiety problems because I couldn’t breath!

A warm bath with lavender oil always helped me relaxed and gave me the feeling of weightlessness for short but very bliss time :)

Once my baby started to drop I started feeling so much better! I can breath now and have a little more upper body movement – so it’s not perfect but much better!

Susan asks…

Pregnancy and chemicals ?

Okay, so I just found out that coloring your hair during pregnancy was bad for the baby. I colored my hair about maybe a week before I found out I was pregnant. Another thing, yesterday I was cleaning the tub and toilet with bleach..I dilluted it with water and had a window open but the smell bothered me abit. I had a mask and once it began to bother me..I stepped out of the bathroom. My friend told me that both coloring the hair and cleaning with clorox is VERY harmful to the baby..I havent done the coloring since then but now Im 28 weeks and kinda worried about the clorox thing. I dont want the baby to have breathing problems :(

Mark answers:

The baby should be fine!
If your really worried go to the doctor and have a check up.

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