Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure


Are you concerned about your blood pressure? High blood pressure can be very concerning, but there are solutions. If you make use of these natural ways to lower blood pressure, you may not have to use medication to manage your condition.

Spend time snuggling a pet. Studies have shown that holding and petting your pet will help your blood pressure fall. You will benefit from the calming effect of unconditional love, plus the physical experience of holding and pettting the pet will affect your blood pressure.

Ask for a massage. Massage therapy naturally slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. If that’s too pricey, consider getting a backrub from a friend or partner; this works well, too. To make the massage even more effective (for lowering blood pressure), massage in some lavender scented lotion.

Lavender has been studied by medical experts who have concluded that lavender lowers blood pressure. Try diffusing lavender essential oil in your home or office. You’ll want to invest in good high quality lavender essential oil, which can be used in lotions and oils, because the fake stuff doesn’t have the same effect.

Give yourself time alone each day to reflect and process your day. Lock yourself away from everyone and let yourself relax, focusing on your breathing and thinking only restful, positive thoughts.

Sekk out physical affection. Being held, stroked, or hugged lowers blood pressure and helps you relax. Try cuddling up while watching a movie or turn down the heat so you’ll want to snuggle with your partner while falling asleep.

Consider life changes that may help you lower your stress level. If you can point to a particular stressor that is probably somewhat responsible for your blood pressure problem look for ways to change the situation. It may help you to switch jobs, go back to school, hire a babysitter more often, or get out more.

Managing your blood pressure is important. Hopefully you’ll find ways to lower your blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level.

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